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About Sharon

Sharon is proud to boast experience in multiple realms of the performance and creative arts. From humble beginnings in children's theatre, Sharon has gone from Shakespeare to Mamet on stage and from comedy to horror on screen. She has done musical theatre; educational theatre; industrial theatre; and corporate theatre. She has filmed tv commercials; tv series locally and abroad and even featured in reality television. She’s been on international film sets and performed all over the world. Sharon is an accomplished actress and singer who also directs; writes original scripts; is a voice-over artist and loves teaching drama and performance. She is an award-winning and award-nominated actress.      

Sharon Spiegel Wagner

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Sharon Spiegel-Wagner is excellent as newly-divorced Jody, starting out by talking directly to the audience in a style that’s funny, engaging, sweet and sassy simultaneously.


Lesley Stones, The Daily Maverick

Sharon Spiegel Wagner Dead Tinder Society

Solo standouts are Spiegel-Wagner singing Heart Of Stone from Six, definitely one of the songs from the “winter” stage of love (“You say we’re perfect, a perfect family, you hold us close for the world to see…But I know, without my son, your love could disappear…), sung with tangible heartache.

Review for LOVING YOU

Bruce Denill, pARTicipate

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